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Moby & The Void Pacific Choir Shares Politically-Charged Video for “Erupt & Matter”

The artist has been very vocal about the current political climate.

by Krystal Rodriguez
20 January 2017, 10:31am

On the eve of President-elect Trump's inauguration, Moby today shared a politically-charged video for "Erupt & Matter," off his new album with The Void Pacific Choir, These Systems Are Failing.

The video, directed by Jeff Broadway, shows Moby and his band performing the stirring, half-shouted song onstage interspersed with footage from protestsand clips of political leaders such as Rudy Giuliani, Kim Jong-Un, Bashar al-Assad, and Boris Johnson. Among the video's visceral images is a group of protesters holding up a flaming effigy of President-elect Trump's head.

"We don't trust you anymore," Moby wrote in a Facebook post upon sharing the video, quoting the song's lyrics. He added in a subsequent post, "Democracy is not a spectator sport. The far right are gaining in power and we need to stop them in their tracks. There are, simply, more of us than them. They only take power when we're complacent."

Moby has been very vocal about the current political climate, and about the incoming President. The day after the election, he shared his response via a Billboard open letter and an Instagram post, both asking, "America, what the f—k is wrong with you?" Despite this, he was still approached to perform at President-elect Trump's inauguration, to which he responded: "Hahahahaha."

Watch Moby & The Void Pacific Choir's "Erupt & Matter" video above.