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Gordon Holden Takes Photos of Your Parallel Youth

You know, the one you daydreamed about spending in the American suburbs.

by Elektra Kotsoni
30 October 2012, 9:00am

It's a little hard to hype up Gordon Holden's photography. He doesn't take pictures of people on fire in warzones, heavy metal cowboys from Botswana or hulking, dilapidated post-space age architecture. But the pictures he does snare from around his home in Rhode Island are calm, occasionally nonsensical and should be eerily familiar to anyone who's ever grown up with the idea of living a parallel youth in the American suburbs. I've never been to Rhode Island, but browsing through this set of pictures he just sent us, I can't help but feel a strange nostalgia for this place I've heard so much about on TV and imagined wasting time in while listening to bands like Real Estate and The Replacements. Maybe you get that too, maybe you don't – either way, these photos are fucking great.

Gordon is also an artist and product designer of sorts, so if you are on the hunt for fun T-shirts and customised skateboards you might wanna try this and this if you live in the UK. And if you're not, still take a look at the gallery above, his website or his blog because his work is beautiful.