WATCH: 'Rise of the Right', Our Film About Poland's Violent Independence Day March

Once a year, Poland's rival football gangs declare a 24-hour truce and march together against all things Left in one of Europe's biggest nationalist marches. We were there to see how the recent election of a ring-wing government affected the...

29 March 2016, 11:40am

Every year, for National Independence Day, tens of thousands of Poles attend a nationalist march in Warsaw. Since its inception, a cell of far-right football fans – or "ultras" – in attendance have clashed with police, and the demonstration has turned into a ferocious battle between hooligans and the state.

This year, however, something is different. A right-wing, socially conservative government, The Law and Justice Party, is elected on the eve of the march. How will this affect the traditionally hostile event?

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