30 Years of Notting Hill Carnival in Photos

30 Years of Notting Hill Carnival in Photos

28 August 2015, 2:20pm

Photo by Giles Moberly

As the last 30 years of Notting Hill Carnival have ticked by, so have the dodgy haircuts, dance moves and costumes among the crowds. While everyone else was busy drinking rum out the bottle and looking for a place to take a leak, photographers Norman Craig and Giles Moberly were diligently documenting the party on camera.

From the Nation of Islam in their sharp suits to girls dressed up as the "Soca Police Force", the photo opportunities were so good that Craig and Moberly kept going back year after year. The result is a slice of West London history. Here are their incredible photos from the last three decades of Carnival.

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Carnival-goers outside the Globe Cafe on Talbot Road in 1981Norman Craig

Class War graffiti on the old Rough Trade shop in Kensington Park Road, 1983Norman Craig

"It was 1990 and I chanced down Tavistock Crescent and found these lads with their great flat top styles telling the rozzers what they can go and do with themselves"Giles Moberly

1994, "The Lone Groover just happened to be strutting his stuff towards the end of the day"Giles Moberly

The Nation of Islam, 1994Giles Moberly

1994, "The Ragga girls in St Luke's Road just happened to be walking down the road, I gestured to photographed them and they obliged, then they simply melted into the crowds"Giles Moberly

1998, Clydesdale Road soundsystemGiles Moberly

"2001 was rainy on the Sunday, so that was going to be a challenge, however here was a couple dancing outside The Peoples Sound soundsystem on All Saints RoadGiles Moberly

Costumed dancer in 2002Norman Craig

Corn rows, Ladbroke Grove, 2003Norman Craig

Local Police get close to revellers, 2003Norman Craig

2004, "The two geezers having a smoke were just chilling against the wall. The crowd was strong like a powerful current, I stopped by these two guys to let the surge pass, one guy just gestured with his finger to take their photo, so I obliged."Giles Moberly

"The gun is on the Guy Ritchie movie poster, not at Carnival", 2005Norman Craig

"Explosive search dogs" in 2007Norman Craig

The "Soca Police Force" on patrol in 2009Norman Craig

Bashment on Clysdale Road at King Tubby's soundsystem, 2009Giles Moberly