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Question Of The Day

What Song Best Sums Up Your Sex Life?

"Queen, 'Don’t Stop Me Now'. There you go. Done."

by Danny McDonald
01 August 2013, 3:00pm

Anthony Weiner. (Photo via)

Anthony Weiner, noted figure in the dick-pic game, is still running for mayor of New York. Capitalising on that political aspiration, something called Adam Barta is now trying to make a song with Sydney Leathers, who is famous for being one of Weiner's sexting partners. Barta has previously worked with tan mum and once wrote a song about a guy with a 13-inch dick, so you know he's gifted. 

The song – which is set to be called "Weinerizer", by the way – will surely become Weiner's go-to loving track, which got me thinking about what other songs sum up people's sex lives. So I went to ask a few of them about it.

Aline, 24, world traveller: Something by Serge Gainsbourg.

VICE: Anything in particular?
A love song, or something related to sex.

Okay. Are we talking low, grinding beat or percussive, rapid-fire beat?
Low. Definitely low. Do you know this artist? He’s quite famous.


Max, 21, painter and decorator: "Show Me Love" by Robin S. I lost my virginity to that song.

That’s fantastic. Does that still feature in the playlist?

The sex playlist?
You know it.

Dave, 21, filmmaker: Queen, "Don’t Stop Me Now". There you go. Done.

Okay. Is there any deeper meaning to be read into that?

Would you consider yourself a literal man?

Fair enough. 

Rachael, 35, designer: I did sleep with someone not too long ago because the lyrics to the Rocky Horror Picture Show told me to do it. One of the lines said, “Give yourself into absolute pleasure.” So I said, “Fuck it, why not?” I’m trying to think of the song.

So there was some question of sex happening, and then that song came on?
Yeah. Well, I wasn’t going to put out. And the song said do it, so you know… He was Italian.

He should buy Tim Curry a beer or something.
What was your song?

Probably “Life During Wartime” by the Talking Heads.
Oh! That’s another one. There was a Brazilian who liked the Talking Heads. God, I’m such a slag.

Lucy, 23, designer: You know the only song I can think or right now? It’s really cringe-worthy, but it's because I just listened to it – Jason Derulo has a new song called "Talk Dirty" and I really like it.

What do you like about it?
It’s got, like, an Arabic thing going on.

That sounds sensual.

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