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A Chilean Man Tried to Feed Himself to the Lions

Now the lions are dead. Great job guy.

by Carlton Férment
23 May 2016, 1:40pm

A lion, not unlike the one that was shot by a zoo marksman.

In totally fucked up and super lame news, a man in Chile tried to kill himself by feeding himself nude to a bunch of lions in a zoo, the result of which was the man surviving and the lions being shot dead. Wow, what a cool guy!

The 20-year-old man, Franco Luis Ferrada, stripped off in the Santiago Metropolitan Zoo and forced his way into the top of the enclosure. While initially the lions, a favourite animal among many humans, were nonplussed by Ferrada's entrance into their home, he began to taunt them, after which they started to take notice. Hundreds of holidaymakers and punters watched as zoo staff hosed the animals in an attempt to get them away from Ferrada, but it didn't work, because lions aren't afraid of water. They tried to fire a tranquiliser dart at the majestic beasts, but it hit Mr. Ferrada instead, who at this point was getting his dying wish of being killed by the big cats. Live rounds were then used on the lions, two of which died as a result. Ferrada was taken to hospital where he remains in a grave condition, due to lion-related injuries and the massive amount of tranquilisers in his body.

A small candlelit vigil was arranged for the lions, one male and one female. Police found what they believe to be a suicide note in Ferrada's jacket, though this is unconfirmed. Pretty cool that you can be taken from your birthplace, or born into captivity, and then have some naked Chilean man try and use you to kill himself, with him surviving and you getting shot in the face. I think everyone involved here should be super proud of themselves.

In July last year, the internationally beloved Cecil the Lion was shot by big-game hunter and dental practitioner Walter Palmer, who then became a pariah of biblical proportions. Shooting and causing the deaths of lions is up there with killing dogs and dolphins in the 'you done fucked up' animal death stakes, so if Ferrada pulls through, he'll probably just be angrily picketed by members of Peta.

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