VICELAND Has a New Comedy Series About Brexit

Watch some comedians tour their favourite European cities in the wake of the UK triggering article 50.

by VICE Staff
13 June 2017, 12:07pm

None of us really know what it's going to be like having a little weekender in Berlin or some other fun European city once we've been forcibly torn away from the EU. It'll probably be more expensive, it'll probably involve more forms and it'll probably all be slightly shaded with sadness.

Only time will tell when it comes to the details, of course, but for now a new VICELAND show looks at everything we stand to leave behind. In the wake of the UK triggering article 50, comedian Jamali Maddix got three of his stand-up comedian mates – Fern Brady, Alfie Brown and Sean McLoughlin – together to do a speedy stand-up tour of Europe. In Brexit Stage Left, the foursome visit Amsterdam, Dublin, Copenhagen and Berlin to check out what each city has on offer.

Fern trucks around Berlin with Alfie; Jamali takes Fern on a ride through Amsterdam, looking at all the benefits of his favourite European city, before playing the famous Toomler Club; Alfie takes Jamali to Copenhagen where they check out Christiania and think about how Brexit might cut short the hopes he had of raising his family in a city frequently voted the happiest place to live in the world; and Sean takes a cynical look around his untapped Irish heritage with Fern in tow. Now, it seems, getting an Irish passport might be his only chance of staying in the EU.

Brexit Stage Left is in four parts and runs one episode per week. It premieres on Wednesday the 14th of June at 10PM on VICELAND, Sky channel 153.

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Brexit: Stage Left