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King Krule Keeps 'The Ooz' Rolling with His New "Biscuit Town" Video

In the first of a three-part series, Archy Marshall wanders through a creepy, supernatural ghost town.
28 August 2018, 12:00pm
Still taken from "Biscuit Town" video

Sludge, grime, dirt. Dank fingernails clotted with tobacco resin. A bloodied nose, sniffling. These are a few of the images conjured up by King Krule's album The Ooz, a down-and-out masterpiece set in the London you've only read about in history books. Or maybe you've lived through it. In which case you're probably from somewhere in the south east, around the Bermondsey trading estate.

This south east part of the capital is called Biscuit Town. At least it was, anyway, until the Peek Freans biscuit factory closed down in 1989. Still, the place remains as the inspiration for King Krule's song of the same name, which has also now been given the video treatment, below, by director duo CC Wade (their past credits include Goat Girl and Jerkcurb).

The first in a three-part series with the heads at WeTransfer, "Biscuit Town" is a visual exploration of the world Krule created with The Ooz. It's not set in Bermondsey, or south east London. Instead, "Biscuit Town" takes on the form of a short film. Dreamlike and hazy, Krule walks alone in the dead of night and looks up to see a woman swimming in a pool of moonlight. Later, he walks like a giant among buildings.

It's an eerie, foreboding visual, full of darkness – a coat that fits Krule very well. Stay tuned for the next two videos and in the meantime, catch our interview with King Krule here, as well as his last video where he performs on the literal moon. Okay, just kidding: it's a set designed to look like the moon.

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