Woman Posts Photos of Herself On 'The Sesh' While in Hospital

And then denies using any of the white powder racked up in the pictures.

Mac Hackett

Stock image of some baggies, not posted online by the woman in this story.

A 39-year-old woman has been criticised after posting photos that make it look like she's getting on it in a hospital ward.

The pictures include one image of a woman exhaling what looks like smoke, and another of two lines of white powder racked up on a table, next to a rolled-up receipt. Rebecca Barns-Gambrell, from Plymouth, says the photos were taken as a joke because she has "become tired of seeing images of drug abuse shared online", reports the Metro.

Fair enough. But also: bit weird, if you're fed up of drug photos being posted online, to then post drug photos online?

Anyway, there's more:

"The white powder didn't belong to me or my friend – it belonged to somebody that was staying with myself at home," said Barns-Gambrell. "I'd found it on the Friday and I had it on me [when I got to hospital]. I'll tell you now that that product wasn't taken. That product was handed into the staff at the hospital; it wasn't used. I didn't want it in my house and my lodger is gone now."


As for the "smoking" picture, she explained: "The smoke was just messing around – it was a [vape]. My friend and I were mocking it up as a joke when I was in hospital."

A spokesperson for Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust commented: "The social media post has been brought to our attention and we are investigating."