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A Bunch of Grime MCs Answer the Dumb Questions on Mumsnet

The website famous for posts like 'Memorable Poos in Inappropriate Places' and the UK's most popular music genre collide.

by Noisey UK Staff
26 October 2017, 12:10pm

If you've ever been on the atrociously popular website Mumsnet, we'll assume two things. Either you're a mum (and if so, why are you on Noisey? But also thank you, we appreciate all you do) or like to enjoy gentle jokes at their expense. The UK's most popular parenting website is known for all manner of ludicrously weird forum posts, from chickpea recipes to classics such as The Perfect Cube of Poo and A Plate Has Fallen Down the Back of the Loo. Quite often however, it's simply mum's asking for advice. And who better to answer their innocent questions than grime MCs?

VICELAND had the idea to set this ship sailing in the form of a couple of promos for the TV channel. A new clip will be released each Thursday. For now, watch the first episode at the top of the page.

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