Sargon of Akkad – the YouTuber Who Made Rape Jokes About an MP – Got Milkshaked

The MEP "Milkshaking" meme continues.
14 May 2019, 12:59pm
Screenshots via Twitter

Just over a week after Tommy Robinson was milkshaked twice within two days, Carl Benjamin – AKA YouTuber Sargon of Akkad, AKA the man who repeatedly joked about raping Labour MP Jess Phillips, AKA UKIP candidate for South West England in the upcoming EU elections – had a milkshake thrown over his head while campaigning in Totnes, Devon yesterday.

This trend of hurling dairy products at men with objectively terrible views is fast becoming a hallmark of the MEP election cycle. As well as Robinson and Benjamin, UKIP leader Gerard Batten's campaign bus was hit by a projectile milkshake as he drove through Plymouth over the weekend. Benjamin also had some kippers thrown at him while he walked through Truro, a couple of days before the milkshake incident.

Those lucky enough to have come across him before will already know that Benjamin is one of those self-described "classic liberals" who uses the veil of anti-political correctness to say the kind of stuff that wouldn't be out of place in an Oswald Mosley speech. One of those confused controversialists who denies any ties to the alt-right, while publicly espousing many of the same views as the alt-right.

But in case you need some catching up on what exactly the father-of-two is all about, here's a little cheat sheet:

– In YouTube videos now deleted by the platform, he repeatedly used the N-word, "for fun".

– Speaking on a panel in New York in 2018, he said, "Jewish people, unfortunately for them, have got to drop the identity politics. I'm sorry about the Holocaust, but I don't give a shit. I'm sorry."

– Remember Gamergate? Benjamin helped to popularise a conspiracy theory that reckoned the Digital Games Research Association had become "co-opted by feminists" who wanted to "disseminate their ideology to the gaming press and ultimately to gamers".

– When Labour MP Jess Phillips said that she is often targeted with rape threats online, Benjamin tweeted – and said in a YouTube video – "I wouldn't even rape you #AntiRapeThreats #FeminismIsCancer".

– When questioned about the above at the announcement of his MEP candidacy for UKIP, Benjamin said Phillips was a "giant bitch" for "laughing about male suicide", explaining why he'd been a "giant dick back". Phillips has never mocked male suicide.

The fact he's had a milkshake chucked over his head obviously isn't going to make Benjamin revise any of his views – and, perversely, there are likely sympathetic voters out there who will be stirred into even firmer support of the UKIP candidate purely because of his public humiliation.

But for onlookers who aren't particularly keen on misogynistic, xenophobic national embarrassments being given any space in the British political arena, it's reassuring to see that Carl Benjamin can't make it down a high street without being completely drenched in milkshake.