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Foxy Knoxy: Free at Last

Out of her cuffs but forever in our hearts.

by Richard Kern
07 November 2011, 3:20pm

Stylist’s assistant: Miyako Bellizzi    Hair: Darine Sengseevong
Makeup: Terese Bennett    Model: Emily Wilson at Major

American Apparel swimsuit and beret, handcuffs from Halloween Adventure

Element Eden sweater and pants, Calvin Klein Jeans tank top, Clarks shoes, Coal Headwear hat, Topshop ring; Quiksilver throw as rug

Burton hat, Jail Bait costume and handcuffs from Halloween Adventure

American Apparel shirt, Lamb & Flag jeans, vintage necklace and bracelets

American Apparel shirt and stockings, Lamb & Flag skirt, Marlies Dekkers garter belt, Niayala bracelet, vintage bracelet, Topshop earrings

Element Eden sweatshirt, Calvin Klein Jeans underwear

Element Eden sweater, vintage rosary, Topshop bracelets

Element Eden shirt, American Apparel sweater and jeans, Topshop ring


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