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New York - Anti-Rape Man

by VICE Staff
13 December 2006, 7:01pm

So yeah, we know you think you're into stuff that is obscure and how you know that Steve Albini named his old band, Rapeman, after some pervy Japanese comic book, but did you ever hear about ANTI-Rape Man? We didn't fuckin' think so.

He was around from 2002-2004, so technically this is old news but that
won't stop the yuk-yuk fest from ensuing after you peruse his "saga."
This precious gem comes to you from the fine folks at,
a one-stop clearinghouse to help get the whole "no means yes" thing
straightened out and give the rest of the male species some pointers on
how not to be sex-crazed dickheads. Good luck on that one. The strip is
supposed to be like School House Rocks for jocks and frat boys who
think date rape is a minor-league sport... or something. We think the Rapex "vaginal bear trap" is a much more effective deterrent.