Witness the Real Mississauga in Huge Cosmic's "Single Sparks Start Spectral Fires" Video

Have you seen The Revenant? This is pretty much that.

by Phil Witmer
18 October 2016, 9:03am

While it's often dismissed as a sleepy Toronto suburb, if not outright forgotten about altogether, Mississauga, Ontario is not as benign as many think it is. Local math/rock/sort-of-emo heroes Huge Cosmic understand this, which is why they've chosen to reveal Sauga City's true, deranged face in their video for "Single Sparks Start Spectral Fires." The first single from their album Comma, "Single Sparks" is a soaring, aggressive number with torrential downpours of guitar. Its harshness is illustrated in the video, as the band torments a bear mascot in the woods and a warehouse. There are literal fires lit in this clip.

In a statement, the band says this, "2016. Hell of a year. Bowie. Prince. Trump running for president. So we figured the way things are heading, why not kidnap an anthropomorphic bear pretending to fight forest fires? We've seen The Revenant, we know what bears are capable of. Kill them all. Start more fires." Watch the "Single Sparks" video below.

Phil will rep Sauga until he no longer can. He's on Twitter.

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