Take a Glimpse Into the World of Women’s Beauty Rituals

The ladies in Sarah Tanat-Jones’ illustrations are getting ready to go out and be fabulous.

by Anya Tchoupakov
16 April 2016, 4:00pm

Throughout the day, we all have certain rituals that we go through to prepare ourselves to face the world. Whether it’s a lucky bra or a favorite pair of shoes, these subtle choices come from an incredibly personal place. It is this process of “getting ready” that is the focus of London-based artist Sarah Tanat Jones’ new series Rituals. “I really enjoy getting ready to go out,” she tells The Creators Project. “For lots of women I think this is some time in the day for themselves, to go through a reassuring routine, to be re-familiarized with the body.”

The nine images give viewers a glimpse into this intimate feminine space of preparation. Women are judged on how they dress every day, and can use this space as an opportunity to make personal choices about what makes them feel confident and comfortable. These drawings focus strongly on the individual women and each has a discernible style. These are real women who are taking their bodies and their beauty into their own hands. Visually, “I wanted to make some sensual, colourful images and to explore light and shadow,” says Tanat-Jones. “I was inspired by advertisements from the 30s and 40s that show women in an idealised light—demure, calm and polished, but adding texture and rich colour inspired by printmaking techniques.” These women do have the old-world charm of decades past, but they are made deeper and more human through bright colors and piercing gazes. They are strong, confident, and of course, beautiful.

See more of Tanat-Jones's work on her website and Instagram.


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