Japanese Ghost Stories Inspire an Augmented Reality Short Film

Mira Calix lays down a track for this eerie effort from Japanese filmmakers AUJIK.

by Beckett Mufson
02 November 2016, 1:40pm
Screencap via

A temple in the woods hovers between serene and spooky in a new video from self-described Japanese nature/tech cult AUJIK. Obake no Kage (Ghost Shadow) is the latest in a series of augmented reality-inspired videos that manipulate architecture and bend the rules of physics for dramatic effect. Ghost Shadow is paired with Mira Calix's foreboding "Two Seasons" from the album Skimskitta, and an ominous quote: "And it was at the hour of sunset that they came to the foot of the mountain. There was in that place no sign of life—neither token of water, nor trace of plant, nor shadow of flying bird—nothing but desolation rising to desolation. And the summit was lost in heaven." The words from prolific collector of folk legends and ghost stories Lafcadio Hearn enhance the film's eerieness. While AUJIK's videos typically take place in the concrete jungle, seeing their disembodied pixels possess this remote shrine brings out the inherent creepiness of the "nature" and "cult" facets of the group.

Find more of AUJIK's work on their official website.


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