Let COS' Hula Hoop Fashion Film Put You in Trance

"Food Cubes" duo Lernert & Sander team up with the Swedish clothing brand COS for a new film that will leave your head spinning.

by Pierre Berthelot Kleck
27 October 2015, 5:50pm

Images courtesy of Lernert & Sander

Stillness and drama join forces in the Swedish clothing brand COS’s newest video concept, Around COS, developed by Amsterdam-based Lernert & Sander. The duo are best known for their high-concept art films and installations, but we're big fans of the fruit cubes they created for the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. 

In Around COS, models hula hoop in serenity fully clothed in selections from the AW15 COS collection. For women, a floor-length textured wool coat echoes the serenity of Marina Abramovic, and for men, essential pieces are reduced to silhouettes, as in the resin sculptures of Peter Alexander. The duo installed GoPro cameras inside each hula hoop to capture a sweeping view of the clothing.

Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug say that Around COS is an “ongoing investigation on how to execute the perfect 360. A need of fashion to go around the garment.”

The shoot took place in a one day with consultation from a World Champion Hula Hoop artist. The duo built out a grey set with a lit roof and “locked the models inside” the pristine set, all the while giving them directions through a megaphone.

This is their second circular video concept. For Fantastic Man magazine, they shot Fantastic Spins with a national ice skate champion who executed five spins on ice while wearing different outfits. They say, “Our ultra high-camera captured one perfect rotation, extending it to a 60 seconds momentum.”

See the Around COS video here:

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