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Earth Trax and Newborn Jr Have Turned in a Super Seductive Guest Mix

An hour of deep and dusty house, befitting the next early-evening you spend sipping cocktails by the sea somewhere.

by Josh Baines
20 February 2017, 10:58am

Photo by Aneta Golebiowska. This post ran originally on THUMP UK.

When Polish producers Bartosz Kruczynski and Adam Brocki waltzed into our life late last year with their utterly incredible 12" for Peckham's very own Rhythm Section International, we were, well, charmed.

Lads, we said, lads, as Earth Trax and Newborn Jr you make really gorgeous, inviting and involving house and we'd really like you to put together a mix of stuff you've been influenced by and love. We want it to be the kind of mix that sounds best after a few early-evening cocktails have got everyone feeling pleasantly woozy—the kind of mix that does funny things to time and space.

Go on then, they said in unison. Check out the mix and an interview below.

THUMP: Can you tell us how you met?
Earth Trax: I think we met at a party somewhere. Adam sent me a collection of his unreleased tracks later and I was in shock. They were so good and distinct.
Newborn Jr: I remember when I first heard Bartek playing a DJ set—I didn't know him personally at the time. A friend booked him for a party at a new club in Poznan, and I was there behind the DJ booth eating a sandwich and being totally stoked on his mixing. Very precise, with intriguing way of mixing moods and harmonies.

Did you ever work out if you prefer flutes or saxes?
Earth Trax: Haha, I'd say flutes! I kept using them on Ptaki records as well.
Newborn Jr: And I'm the sax guy in this collaboration. I enjoy when a beefy sax rolls in on top of a juicy disco or house track.

What've the two of you got lined up for 2017?
Earth Trax: We have an EP coming out later this year and we're trying to put together a full album. I have a couple of solo releases lined up for Phonica, Shall Not Fade and Echovolt and I'm working on Baltic Beat 2 (the first one was released by Growing Bin last year) under my real name.
Newborn Jr: I'm now working on two other collaborations, as Private Press with my friend Janek and one with a very special person, with the working codename of "Balearic R'n'B. As for solo stuff, I'm working on two EPs under my monikers Newborn Jr and Matat Professionals.

You've been put in a Brewster's Millions are you gonna blow the cash?
Earth Trax: Records. Or on a serious note, I'd help someone in need.
Newborn Jr: A beach house in the Seychelles and some synths probably.

Why do you think, on a fundamental level, mankind loves mixes so much?
Earth Trax: Probably because they're a good way to discover something new and put you in the right mood.
Newborn Jr: Personally, I prefer a good old timeless mix over looking at old photos if I want to feel sentimental and cozy.

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