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UPDATE: Andrew Weatherall's Beard is Now Going for £55,655 on eBay

The facial hair will remain available for bookings after being sold.
04 February 2015, 9:23pm

This week we brought you the news that DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall is selling his beard on eBay.

In a surprising development, or perhaps unsurprising considering the weight of the beard and the prominence of its current owner, the hair is currently priced at £55,655 and counting. This is a considerable increase from the measly £19,000 it was going for when we last checked yesterday evening. With another 4 days left, and no 'buy it now' option, the sky is the limit.

Not only is this exciting news for fans of the hugely celebrated selector, but it is also very exciting news for fans of beards. As THUMP found out first hand a while back Weatherall's facial hair is a full and proud thing, its slightly weathered shade appropriately reflective of the man's years of tireless creativity.

The description is full of illuminating details about the beard, pointing out that it is a "true iconic piece of bonafiedy 120bpm trappins". It would seem that Weatherall is also viewing the beard as a long term investment, suggesting that the eventual owner can expect "a steady revenue stream from appearances worldwide". This is apparently down to Weatherall's booking agents who are insisting on "keeping the beard on their books". According to eBay user infbea0 the beard is currently available for Bar Mitzvah's and weddings.

The closest equivalent item we could find was this beard made from human hair that is used for salon training, currently retailing at £23.99. Naturally the extra £55,631 must be down to Weatherall's substantial standing in the electronic music world, giving the beard valuable legacy. At the time of writing there were no other beards being sold by any other dance or electronic artists with which to draw comparison.

Of course the question really provoked by this is just how much are we prepared to pay for the beards of our favourite musicians? Rødhåd for example, could surely expect a sizeable return on his fuzz, given the journey his beard has gone on from Berlin secret to international superstar in recent years. Then there is the more rounded beard of Todd Terje, perhaps lacking in edge but more than making up for it in soul and dynamism. Andrew Weatherall's sale also details that the sale is for "cuttings of a used beard", perhaps suggesting that the sale of beard hair could become a long term money-spinner.

We reached out to Andrew to ask him some questions about the sale, but unfortunately it is not something he is willing to comment on at this time.

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