London's Newest Club is a Tropical Paradise With DJs and a Waterfall

Welcome to Club Tropicana.

by Angus Harrison
12 November 2015, 10:45am

Winter getting the better of you? Fed up of wearing a huge puffer jacket to a club, only to spend £3 on putting it in a cloakroom, before then going to collect it and leaving again after an hour? All said and done, do you just wish it was summer again? Well, it might be your lucky day! The founder of Glastonbury festival's Shangri La have decided to play God, announcing plans for Summerland—a massive, indoor, artificial tropical paradise complete with a 40ft waterfall, a bar underneath said waterfall, and a DJ booth over looking the entire thing. Not only that but the sky will be a huge video mapped replica, allowing 24 hour cycles through night and day to happen every four hours. The only thing we don't know is where in London this will happen, as of yet the location is under-wraps. The entire project is being crowd-funded, so check out their trailer below.

If it's pulled off this could change everything. We won't have to put up with the rain and misery of queueing outside in the dark. Instead, we can wear speedos all year round just like that weird dream you had.

Check out the full Seedrs campaign here.

News via Fact.