Rekid's Mysterious New Signing Enlists Pangaea on a Stunning EP of Retro-Futurist Rollers

Patrick Conway's 'Sandy Lane' EP is a must listen for anyone looking to take the dancefloor in stranger directions.

09 March 2017, 12:00pm

Rekids' new signing Patrick Conway doesn't want us to know too much about him, which is probably why he sent us the photo above. Is that Patrick atop a skateboard or just a tourist cruising the Southbank? Is it a photo from last week or two decades ago? We'll never know and we'll probably still be pondering it as we croak our last breath in a bedsit in Bromley. Sad!

We do know, though, that his latest EP for Radio Slave's esteemed imprint is "inspired by transcendental mediation, UK rave, Sheffield bleep/Warp records, Carl Craig circa the early 90s, Silent Servant, Shabba Ranks and joss sticks smoking out the studio," which is about as good a series of influences as you can get.

The result is the Sandy Lane EP which drops on the 10th of March. The title track's a nicely retro-futurist roller that'll have you pining for the glory day of '94. Over on the B-Side, Conway goes all Legowelt with the melted, battered, crisis-on-a-space-shuttle-in-deep-space atmospherics of "Orbit," which comes on like the best hyper-extended jungle breakdown you've ever heard beamed from one of Jupiter's moons. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, he's only gone and got fucking Pangaea to turn in a ridiculously good remix, too. As you'd expect the Hessle Audio man takes the track on a seriously heavy spin through the bassier side of techno terrain, sprinkling his off-kilter percussive snaps and clanks with chewy, juicy, gloriously sugary synths that'd sound perfectly at home on a Joker record during the purple prince's imperial phase.

All in all, this one's a must-have for anyone looking to take the dancefloor in strange directions over the next few weeks and months, and you can stream the whole thing right here on THUMP!

Grip the EP right here!