seven most played

The Best Music We Heard This Week Sounded like Playing Basketball at a Gabber Rave in Space

Lone, Octa Octa, and the Juan Maclean all show their faces in this week's Seven Most Played.

by Josh Baines
17 March 2017, 11:20am

What a week! What an unbelievable week! You'll never forget this week, ever, never, ever ever. There are weeks and then there's weeks and this week was definitely one of those weeks. What made this week so memorable, you ask? We've actually got no idea at all. Maybe it really was just another week. God. Another week done and dusted. Another week finished. Gone. Over. Crikey.

Hey, let's avoid thoughts of end times by having a listen to some of the best music to get slapped up on SoundCloud since the last time we did this. There's an absurdly good comeback single by the Juan Maclean, an unearthed sadlad classic by Vincent Floyd, and some glue sniffing huff-house from Lone. In addition to that, we've got a brain re-arranging mix by Dev/Null, some cosmic chug courtesy of Passarini, and Joseph Marinetti's come through with a track that sounds like someone playing basketball at a gabber night. Oh, and top it all off, there's a brilliant new track by the ever brilliant Octa Octa whose forthcoming LP is...yep...brilliant!

1. Dev/Null - Truancy Volume 171

2. Passarani - Wonky Wonky Wonky

3. Octa Octa - On Your Lips

4. Joseph Marinetti - Meditation for Artist

5. Vincent Floyd - Hard to Love

6. Lone - Crush Mood

7. The Juan Maclean - Can You Ever Really Know Somebody?