The New Kenneth James Gibson Album is a Star Gazing Screamer and You Can Stream It In Full Now

'Aware Sequence Found Life' is a woozy and wonderfully weightless experience courtesy of a Komapkt co-signed incredibly prolific producer.

Jul 4 2016, 9:52am

We all like to think that we're busy, don't we? Most of us love nothing more than getting in from a completely average day at work—a day where we spent most of it on Twitter and the rest of it on the toilet or putzing around the supermarket working out which meal deal offered the best value for money—and making a sound akin to a hot air balloon being pricked by a battle ship as we sink into the sofa, and joylessly get a bowl of gruel sent to our flat by Deliveroo. "I'm tired," we say, hands dragging the grey and mottled skin of of our faces further and further towards the floor, "I've been so busy." We don't believe ourselves but still we peddle the lie, still we bathe in a stew of self pity night after night. So busy. So tired. So tired. So busy.

One man who actually seems to be genuinely busy is Kenneth James Gibson. Possibly best known for the gorgeous ambient slammer The Evening Falls (released earlier this year on Kompakt), Kenneth's put records out under about three hundred aliases, and seems to always be in the studio putting the finishing touches to something or other. This month sees him release a new album as [a]pendics.shuffle, and it's a lot catchier than that moniker suggests. Aware Sequence Found Life is his first full length under that name in 11 years and, happily, it's worth the wait.

Taking in everything from star gazing and sky scraping deep house, ambient interludes, churning minimal and some good old fashioned IDM-y electronica, the album's a beguiling beaut, and we're incredibly happy to be bringing it to you in full below.

Kenneth James Gibson is on Twitter

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