Tinder Question of the Day

I Asked My Tinder Matches If They've Ever Had Their Travel Plans Ruined

In light of the petition preventing Donald Trump's state visit reaching one million signatures.

by Nellie Eden
31 January 2017, 10:48am

Yesterday the petition to stop Donald Trump coming to the UK reached over one million signatures. The petition puts Prime Minister Theresa May and the British state in an awkward position, having already promised Trump the royal treatment – a state visit and an audience with The Queen – earlier this week. So far the government has said they won't rescind the invitation, but increasing protest may force them to reconsider.

It's always annoying when your summer travel plans go awry, but have any of my Tinder matches ever had a similar issue? Perhaps a flight cancelled, a hotel infested with cockroaches or hundreds of thousands of protesters threatening to derail their entire itinerary. I asked them to find out.





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