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This CMYK Lamp Explores The Infiniteness Of The Rainbow

Dennis Parren uses shadows and CMYK-tinted LED bulbs to project tangles of color and light.

by Emily Dubovoy
06 November 2012, 8:44pm

It’s easy to overlook the foundations of everyday experiences that we seem to take for granted. Simple things such as turning on a faucet and water pouring out, waking up from slumber, or simply having the ability to see colors and images are rooted in often overlooked factors. This is where Dutch designer, Dennis Parren comes in.

The lamp’s circular base houses three LED bulbs in CMYK colors that illuminate and project upward past narrow metal bars that split the beams of light. This results in cyan, magenta, and yellow shadows being cast onto surrounding surfaces, and red, green, and blue shadows appearing where the colors overlap. This intersection creates an effect that Parren calls “the aesthetics of LED light.”

"You can't really say 'that chair is red.’ Actually, the chair is reflecting red light while absorbing green and blue light. It is light that colors the world," says Parren on Dezeen. His CMYK lamp is "not designed to demonstrate how and why, but to show that light is the true custodian of color," says Parren.

Different incarnations of the Parren’s CMYK lamp have been presented at a number of shows since his graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011. This particular CMYK lamp was shown at Dutch Design Week 2012.

[via Dezeen]

Photos courtesy of Dezeen.


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