Drogba Gets Hype While Montreal Youth Academy Breakdances in the Dressing Room

Drogba is a B-boy at heart.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
16 October 2015, 4:27pm

Didier Drogba is having the time of his life in Montreal. The 37-year-old Côte d'Ivoire national has notched up nine goals so far this season, and doesn't seem to be close to stopping any time soon. But apparently the thing that hypes Drogba up more than insane free kicks are sick-ass dance moves.

While chilling with the youth team Montreal Academy, Drogba loses his shit over some young gun's B-boy skills. Rightfully so: the kid ain't half bad. No need for cardboard in the Montreal dressing room. That surface looks primed for some Ken Swift-esque windmills.


Here's a longer video and a better angle. Apparently Drogba organized the whole thing. So hype.