Freddos Are About to Get More Expensive (Again)

Remember when the chocolate frog bar cost 10p?

by Daisy Meager
13 January 2017, 12:03pm

Photo via Flickr user Alpha

The Government is yet to push the big red Article 50 button and politicians are still squabbling over whether Brexit will be "hard," "soft," or something in between. What is for sure is that the effects of last year's Referendum are already being felt across the food and drink industry.

First, Brexit came for your Marmite. Then it was the news that the £3 meal deal would be a thing of the past. Even Jamie Oliver couldn't catch a break, announcing last week that he would be closing six of his restaurants.

And today, Brexit claims another victim: the humble Freddo bar.

Mondelez, the food manufacturer which owns Cadbury, announced yesterday that the price of the 25p chocolate frog would rise by 20 percent. In the coming months, Freddo fans will have to pay 30p for their fix.

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Mondelez has already been criticised for shrinking the size of its Toblerone bars but said that such price hikes were a last resort. A spokesperson for the company told the Guardian that an increase in ingredient costs and the fluctuating value of the pound had made it impossible to keep Freddo bars at their current price.

They said: "To ensure we can keep people's favourite brands on shelf and look after the 4,500 people we employ in the UK, we are having to make some selective price increases across our range."

The days of the 10p Freddo bar become an evermore distant memory.