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Trip Balls to WizKid's New Video for "Come Closer"

Finally a video has emerged for the long-awaited track, which features Drake.

by Lauren O'Neill
07 April 2017, 3:08pm

WizKid's "Come Closer" has had a longer history than most straight-up single releases, so it's good to see it get the music video treatment after the initial confusion caused when the track was played on OVO Radio before its official release.

The clip for the track is a trippy, kaleidoscopic affair, featuring colour shifts, multiple WizKids (not one, but like, three), and probably the most impressive music video dancers you'll see this year. Drizzy unfortunately doesn't make an appearance to accompany his feature, which is probably for the best, as he'd probably have spent the entire thing falling in love with one (or all) of the aforementioned dancers, and ended it crying. So yeah, best we leave WizKid to it here:

Watch the video below, and feel the breeze of an impending summer wash over your body:

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(Image via YouTube)

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