A$AP Rocky Sits Front Row at PFW

Sorry Kanye, he looks better than you in a skirt.

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Alright, we know the whole “LOL 90S!!!” thing is a bit played out now, what in the era of student clubnights named after en vogue tracks and the like. But sometimes, you stumble across something which is just so pure, so right, so of an era. What historians refer to as a “primary source”. This video is definitely one of those. A feature on hip-hop clothing in Bristol from the imaginatively named and largely forgotten 90’s fashion programme “The Clothes Show”. It features just about some of the strongest looks you’ve ever seen; oversized puffas, beanie, Champion trainers so wide you have to double up on the socks and a man named Paul, who’s taken the idea of “brand loyalty” to questionable new levels.


Ah Paris couture, a week of twitpics from a cross-section of celebrities, all with seemingly little in common other than a desperate, epic love of cocaine. Cue the Instagram pictures of Kanye looking puffy at Le Montana, and Rita Ora front row at Chanel Haute Couture. Seriously Karl, what, the, hell. Anyway, Paris fashion week inevitably becomes “let’s treat these dumb American’s like royalty” week, Dita Von Teese, Pamela Anderson, and now, A$AP himself.

But you know what? Fuck it, who doesn’t want to see a deliciously handsome man (in earmuffs may I add) giggling his way through the snow in one of the freshest menswear looks I’ve seen since that video of The Clothes Show. His smile alone could melt all the snow in Paris, and then my heart, and then probably all of my clothes off.

A$AP only knows too well how “bitches get impressed” when he gets the “freshest Raf Simons”. Makes sense he'd show up to Diro then, seeing as Raf is the Creative Director and what have you, although I can't help but notice he looks worlds away in his seat. Sorry buddy, no trainers in this show! You’ll just have to wait for good old Raf to come up with another $1,800 pair of “De Stijl Lego Multicoloured Hiking Boots” and console yourself with, I dunno, all the snow in Paris? Don’t get a nosebleed now.


Patrick Mohr has a habit of using, shall we say, unusual make-up on his runway models. For SS2011 it was baldheads and facial hair (on women) and this season it was red eyes and the white gormless faces of despair. While that might sound like any 16-year old hungover model, I think it’s fair to say that Mohr went pretty far out of his way to make his collection terrifying. More terrifying than Rachel Zoe.

The collection was sponsored by Reebok, for whom Mohr will be designing some exclusive Classics. Whether or not the classics will be “horrifying devil” themed, his press office are yet to confirm. The show was held in a dark cellar during Berlin Fashion Week. The models were wearing Voldemortesque head masks, strange contact lenses and had just a single lock of hair each which protruded down the front of their face. The clothes themselves were almost all black, in mixed luxe textures. All in all? We likey.


To ring in 2013 Reebok (again, they're having a moment!) have announced a collection inspired by Keith Haring. According to their press release, "celebrating creativity is a central goal of our brand… This collection, and our partnership with the Keith Haring Foundation, allows us to re-imagine the artwork of this ground-breaking genius through a new medium that will appeal not only to his greatest fans but also introduce Haring to a new audience." We like.

While keeping the basic Reebok classic silhouette, the idea is to transform Haring’s iconic art into a form you can wear on your feet. The 80s were big for both the Reebok classic and Keith Haring, and like a reformed 80s band, the two are back together for a one-off show. Only it’s not a show, it’s a collection of shoes, and unlike 80s band reunion, this is actually welcome.

The shoes are bold and bright as you would expect from Haring and his graffiti influenced work. And the collaboration has deeper purpose too; the KH Foundation aims to keep Haring’s work present and popular with youth for years to come. Sounds good to us.


You know as much as I love fashion, and as much as I love comedy, there should really, seriously, be a rule which forbids these two worlds from ever colliding. Tina Fey in a badly fitting ballgown I can just about handle, but when designers try to make something "hilarious" because they want to prove that they totally "get" the internet, ouch. It stings. Take the new Alexander Wang advert for example, featuring the least funny comedian I've seen since I I accidentally caught the last five minutes of Russell Howard's Good News. It also has a cameo from everyone's favourite pretty boy A$AP (did someone say fashion rapper?), the banality of which makes the mind boggle.

Cut this advert and replace it with 5 straight minutes of A$AP lounging in a huge bed covered in that soft expensive shit you're trying to flog, Alex. Trust me, it'll go down a lot easier.

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