Filipino Blood Stew

Let's make really scary ingredients, really tasty.


The Philippines! The jewel of the orient, purveyors of the greatest hip-hop dance troupes and probz the most colonised place in the world. But although I'm a proud half-Filipina, the cuisine has always left me wondering "WTF"?! So to conquer my fears and appease my mother, I decided to tackle some of their weirder dishes. First up, blood stew.

lots x pork loin
1 x pack pig guts
4 cups x of pig’s blood
3 x bell peppers
lots x garlic, crushed and minced
lots x chopped onions
2 cups x stock

Step 1.

Chop up your meat and piggy poop tubes. Try not to hurl.

Step 2.

Fry off all the pig with your onions, garlic and pepper.

Step 3.

Pour in the blood and stock, then leave to simmer into a big brown mush.


To wash your tasty blood-bath down, here's a super quick pudding that only requires cream and an industrial amount of the sweet purple yam "ube".

lots x pureed ube
lots x ube jam
lots x ube powder
lots x whipping cream
lots x icing sugar
lots x pickled coconut gel
you get the drift by now x macapuno balls
lots x sugar palm

Step 1.

Whip up some cream with icing sugar until puffy.

Step 2.

Fold in every form of ube ever that you bought from your Filipino shop, until you get the perfect purple sludge.

Step 3.

Layer in a fancy glass with your rainbow-coloured pickled shit.

So with only minor lasting trauma, here's a main meal of AZN deliciousness fit for the most patriotic of Filis, followed by a dessert with more yam than you can shake a jumbo pack of laxatives at. Mabuhay!




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