I Found a Dog, Will One of You Guys Adopt It?

Seriously. They're gonna kill her otherwise.

A few days ago I was walking along Fountain Avenue in Los Angeles when I saw a dog running in the road. Cars were swerving around her, and she almost got hit a couple of times. So I chased after her, and found her cowering in this alley. 

She didn't have a collar on, so I got a friend to go buy some rope so I could take her home.

She really didn't want to come with me at first.

But after a few minutes she was leading the way. Sniffing around and peeing on all kindsa stuff.

Once I got her back to my apartment, I called animal control, and they said they'd come collect her "at some point". I was going away for a few days the next morning, so I asked if they could be more specific, and they told me "No, sorry. We can't guarantee a time."

I suggested that, if I had to leave before they arrived, I could tie her up on my back porch with some food and water and they could come collect her from there, and they told me that if I did that I would be charged for "animal cruelty and neglect".  I asked what they would suggest I do instead, and they told me, "Well, it's not illegal for you to just release her back on to the street." Cool system, guys!

They said they would try their hardest to get her that evening, so we hung out at my apartment and waited. I named her Fountain, after the street where I found her.

It looked like she'd been pretty neglected. Her fur was very matted, and she had a lot of poop stuck to her. BUT she was super sweet, and we even cuddled a little (while being very, very careful not to touch the poopy area, obv.)

Then all the excitement got to be a bit too much for her, and she had a lil' puking accident on my floor...

So we decided to go sit on my back porch and watch the sunset instead. 

Then, after a few hours, the animal control man came and took her away. And I felt like I'd done a really good deed.

UNTIL the next morning. I called the shelter to check on her and see how she was doing, and found out that they kill the animals that don't get adopted in LA! Actually, this is something they do pretty much everywhere and I feel kinda stupid for not knowing it. But seriously: yikes!

So will one of you guys adopt her? I'm not sure I could live with myself if I knew I'd sent an adorable dog to a puppy concentration camp. I tried to get the woman at the shelter to tell me how long they wait before killing the animals, but she wouldn't. She just kept saying "we only do that as a last resort." The internet tells me that the kill-rate in Los Angeles is currently about 10 percent :(

Seriously. How can you resist that face?!? And also, if you could see the face that I'm making at the thought of her being put down, you wouldn't be able to resist that, either. 

If you are in LA and can adopt her, call the animal shelter on 213-485-5767. They renamed her Kibbles (Kibbles!!!), and her ID number is A1366345. K?

And let me know, if you do. So that I will once again be able to sleep at night. 

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