Strangeways, Here We Come

Unseen photos from Manchester's notorious prison, 1980.

by Chris Steele-Perkins
22 October 2014, 10:44am

For The True Crime IssueMagnum Photos were kind enough to let us look through their dizzying archives for unpublished photos of this wonderful country’s historic, criminal element. We came across a folder of slides from Chris Steele-Perkins’ 1980 project on Manchester’s infamous prison, Strangeways, now officially renamed HM Prison Manchester – not nearly as good a name.

-Perkins’ iconic work on Britain’s urban plight of the late 70s, and his genre-defining 1979 book The Teds, are among the greats of British photography – so it was especially nice to get to print these previously unpublished portraits, and make a joke about The Smiths while we were at it.