Budapest Is a Trendy Loser

According to the cameras of Ív and Candie, two Hungarian photographers.

Aug 14 2013, 1:00pm

Ív and Candie are two Hungarian photographers. I've never met them but I've been exchanging emails with them for almost a year now, ever since they sent me this amazing set of photos from their hometown, Budapest. I like their work because it convinces me the world is insane. To be honest, that's really all there is to it. Here are a few words they wrote about themselves:

"Our real names are Eve and Andi and we have been watching the world together for about four years. We are Trash-Kitsch-Hunters, camp lovers, and we are not ironic at all. Our Wonderland is our hometown, because it's cool, charming, glamorous, trendy, a loser, exaggerated, theatrical, banal, artificial, artistic, perversely-elvispresley, naive, middle-class-honest and martinparricide. We love pony-trouvé, and flesh-gun.

"In the photos you can see our friends, and people who became our friends while posing in front of our cameras."


See more of Ív and Candie's work here and here.

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