Teenage Dreams: Photos of Adolescent Stoners Enjoying Themselves Before Real Life Hits

Maxwell Granger sent us a gallery of photos of his friends enjoying their "weird pre-university limbo".

by Maxwell Granger
03 August 2016, 12:28pm

Remember hot-boxing something for the first time? Maybe it was a shed, or a dog house, or your mate's Yaris immediately after he passed his driving test, literally minutes within the examiner shaking his hand and going, "Well done, lad – drive responsibly now," and you're there, being a dickhead in a suburban lay-by, trying to crumble some hash into an L-plate while beeping his horn; him in the driver seat, visibly shitting it, sweat pooling on top of his eyebrows every time anything that sounds remotely like sirens comes on the speakers.

It's fun, isn't it? That bit of your life. The bit where your biggest worry is paying back your friend the £14 they lent you for a Domino's. Where you're done with school and college and have a university place sorted, or are just starting to flirt with idea of entering the working world. Where it's not a stretch to say that, really, the most important thing you've got going is trying to up your rank on GTA V Online.

By his own admission, photographer Maxwell Granger is going through a bit of that right now. Stuck in a comfy "weird pre-university limbo" in a small northern town, his friends spend their days hanging out, skating, smoking weed and listening to music. He sent us over this little selection of portraits of some of them doing just that.