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A Fist In The Face Of God Presents... Thrashing Rage, Vol. II

That's right, lady: eat the baby.
28 September 2011, 4:00pm

That's right, lady: eat the baby. It's been three months and over 1000 downloads of their first collaboration, but Brad and Cato have composed another trans-Atlantic mix of forgotten ancient metal all for your listening pleasure, or displeasure, depending on how you feel about obscure 80s thrash. Words from the mixmasters below:

Unheralded thrash got a shot in the arm with our first mix, so Cato and I decided that we needed to take another journey into the thrash underground, though this time it would be darker, more obscure, and ultimately more dangerous! When our two sets of selections were united I was left battered and bruised. So once again, I'll let the music take no prisoners as it shreds your eardrums. - Brad

BEWARE as another Thrashing Rage comp sweeps across the land leaving only the tormented screams of those who dear to hear it left... This is the eve of darkness!!! - Cato

Let the tormented screams commence:


1. Sabbat (Japan) - "Bring Me the Head of Satan" (1986)
2. Sentinel Beast (USA) - "Sentinel Beast" (1986)
3. Heathen (USA) - "Goblin's Blade" (1987)
4. Slaughter (Canada) - "Eve of Darkness" (1985)
5. Meliah Rage (USA) - "Beginning of the End" (1988)
6. Carrion (Switzerland) - "Demon's Child" (1986)
7. Kublai Khan (USA) - "Mongrel Horde" (1987)
8. Znöwhite (USA) - "To the Last Breath" (1988)
9. Violent Force (Germany) - "Sign of Evil" (1987)
10. Vectom (Germany) - "Open the Coffin" (1985)
11. Viking (USA) - "Do or Die" (1986)
12. Warrant (Germany) - "Scanger's Daughter" (1985)
13. Debustrol (Czech Republic) - "Apocalypsa" (1988)
14. Sextrash (Brazil) - "Seduced by Evil" (1990)
15. Schizo (Italy) - "Epileptic Void" (1989)
16. Xyster (England) - "Die on the Cross" (1989)
17. Fingernails (Italy) - "I Don't Ally with the Devil" (1987)
18. Energetic Krusher (England) - "Thrash Ritual" (1989)
19. Demolition Hammer (USA) - "Corpse Content" (1988)
20. Sadus (USA) - "Desolator" (1986)