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Watch Kendrick Lamar Link Up With Maroon 5 for "Don't Wanna Know" at the AMAs

Further evidence that Kendrick can make absolutely anything cool.

by Lauren O'Neill
21 November 2016, 11:50am

Kendrick Lamar is no stranger to a pop collaboration, having featured on a mix of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" a couple of years ago, and more recently appearing on Beyoncé's anthemic "Freedom". In fact, we made a list of them all here. His latest venture into the mainstream is on a song with Maroon 5 called "Don't Wanna Know," to which he lends a verse, and in the process makes Maroon 5 about six hundred times cooler (although, in all fairness, "Moves Like Jagger" bangs hard). There's a music video for it which is uh, Pokemon Go-themed – though Kendrick, perhaps wisely, does not appear.

Last night marked the first live outing for the upbeat, bouncy track at the American Music Awards, where he appeared alongside Adam "Hot Supply Teacher" Levine and co. It's a pretty straightforward performance, which sees Levine flexing his objectively really good falsetto and, of course, Kendrick emerging about two thirds of the way through to subtly kill shit, as is his way. You can watch below.

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(Image by Jørund Føreland Pedersen via Wikipedia