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Trust is Key for Peckham's Finest, Chaos in the CBD

Dusty deep house straight out of SE15.

by Josh Baines
21 August 2015, 9:45am

SE15's finest, Chaos in the CBD, have been causing a bit of a stir down in South East London recently. New Zealand born brothers Ben and Louis are an integral part of the ongoing musical renaissance down in Peckham. As well as releasing dusty deep house on Bradley Zero's Rhythm Section label and spinning tunes at it's highly esteemed club night down at Canavan's pool hall, Ben works at You and Music records, and the duo have strong ties to the Balamii radio project.

Read more about Balamii — the station beaming from Peckham to the whole world.

The pair's upcoming Midnight in Peckham EP is a super solid four tracker of sublimely sombre, jazzy deep house and we're delighted to bring you a first listen to the record's highlight, the gorgeous "Trust is Key". Listen to it below an scroll down for a quick chat with the lads.

THUMP: What does Peckham at midnight actually sound like?
Chaos in the CBD: The relentless wailing of police sirens, the occasional crunch of a chicken bone crushed under foot, the whisper of a tumbleweave tumbling by. It's actually quite tranquil during the week. The weekend is a different story though, the streets are alive.

Do you feel like there's now a distinct Rhythm Section sonic aesthetic and if so, how do you guys fit into it?
I wouldn't say Rhythm Section has a distinct sonic aesthetic so to speak. There is just a strong focus on releasing quality music. Rhythm Section is definitely a very community focussed label and I think that's where we fit in. Bradley does a fantastic job curating the label and also helps by acting as executive producer on many of the releases. Like many of the EPs preceding ours, we tried to create music with a little more depth than your average club tracks.

"Trust is Key" feels pretty low key, pretty dusty, pretty jazzy...pretty...Moodymann to me. Is that a fair comparison?
I guess you could say that. The track for me is the kind of track you can dance to due to it's solid rhythm and groove. Equally it is the type of track that can be listened to at home on a chill one. I'm not going to compare myself to Moodymann as he is the don but thank you for the comparison.

What kind of studio chaos are you looking to stir up next?
We have a few things in the pipeline. After the Rhythm Section release we have a white label coming out on Church, which is another South London based label, a remix on Axe On Wax (which comes out next week I believe) and a couple other EPs we have completed and are looking for homes for.

Midnight in Peckham is released on Rhythm Section on 24th August. You can pre-order it directly from the label here.

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