Cavaliers Ban Hoverboards from Quicken Loans Arena

Hoverboards don't work on water unless you have pow-wer.
01 December 2015, 8:16am

Steph Curry isn't the only liability for Cleveland Cavaliers' ankles this year. Chris Haynes of reports that the Cavs have now banned the use of hoverboards in the Quicken Loans Arena in an effort to focus the team.

Though Haynes' report makes no mention of any injuries, per se (and no mention that hoverboards don't work on water unless you have pow-wer), it seems that King James wasn't pleased that his vassals were toying around in their free time, among a long riot act of other concerns about his team.

Seems domineering and petty—not unexpected from James. But just take a look above at J.R. Smith showing up to game four of the NBA finals on his "hover" board, not shying away from any media attention. Also note that he patted Shaun Livingston's back as he rolls by in the hallway. Livingston, meanwhile, seemed focus on the game, and was already suited. Not the most professional look from J.R.

So it seems that now the score is: Cavaliers 1 - Hoverboards 0. If only they could ban Steph Curry too.

[h/t Bleacher Report]