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Fabric to Review Its Safety Procedures Following Two Deaths at the London Club

The venue will enlist an independent organization for the task.

by Alexander Iadarola
25 August 2016, 9:16am

Photo by Danny Seaton, courtesy of fabric

UPDATE: You can now sign a petition that aims to get Sadiq Khan, London's mayor, to pledge his support for the club. Sign it here.

London's beloved club fabric announced it will be reviewing its safety procedures following two suspected drug-related deaths at the venue. In a Facebook post, the club extended condolences to the family and friends of those deceased individuals and promised to independently review their club policies and procedures for the sake of its customers' safety. The club has been closed since August 12 while authorities investigate the deaths.

In the statement fabric also says it has "zero tolerance to drugs on the premises," noting that in a court judgement issued in December 2015, District Judge Allison cited the club as a "beacon of best practice" in regards to the issue. Despite this, they say that there is still room for improvement.

In 2014, local authorities called for a review of the club's license after eight attendees collapsed at the venue due to illegal drug use within a three-year span, four of whom died. As a result, the venue was required to implement new, stricter security measures, which it later successfully appealed due to excessive costs. It was in this latter case that District Judge Allison applauded the club's safety practices.

Public health organizations like North America's DanceSafe encourage a harm reduction approach to taking drugs, advocating for people to use the buddy system, know their source, and test their drugs. UK organization The Loop has harm reduction advice for drug use on its website, encouraging responsible dosing, hydration, and chill-out periods.

Read yesterday's full statement below.

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