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What It's Like to Spend 10 Hours Waiting for Young Thug at His $100,000 Video Shoot

As it turns out, we were on the set for "Wyclef Jean" shooting an upcoming episode of NOISEY on VICELAND.

by Zach Goldbaum
19 January 2017, 9:03am

On Tuesday, the official music video for Young Thug's song "Wyclef Jean" was released. Thug himself is noticeably absent from the video save for a few self-produced shots of him scarfing down Cheetos next to a private jet and subsequently humping a passenger. That's because on the day of the over $100,000 production, Thug didn't arrive until about nine hours after the whole thing started. Then, he stayed in his car for about an hour with his fiancé, only to leave without stepping outside or appearing in a single frame of film. All of this is revealed on screen via text commentary by the director, who made the best of a bad situation and wound up making one of the more original music videos to come out in while. What you'll also know if you watched "Wyclef Jean" is that Vice (that's us) was on hand to witness the entire boondoggle. The day before, we were in Seoul, South Korea shooting an episode of Noisey when we got word that Young Thug had agreed to an interview for our upcoming Atlanta episode of NOISEY Season 2. So, instead of flying home to New York, we re-routed our trip to LA to meet him on set. Check out how the day unfolded from our perspective in the video below and watch NOISEY: Atlanta on VICE on February 7 to see how our time with Young Thug played out.

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