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Is Westworld the new Game of Thrones? Check out the fan art and decide for yourself.

by Beckett Mufson
05 December 2016, 8:58pm

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HBO's uncanny saga of a theme park full of artificially intelligent robots, Westworld, keeps earning comparisons to the network's largest franchise, Game of Thrones. Whether it's Westworld's 11.7 million viewers or $100 million budget—the same cost as Game of Thrones Season 6—it's hard not to speculate that HBO sees the show as a potential flagship to rely on after Westerosi politics quiet down. While we could talk numbers, the best way to compare two franchises are their fans. We've gathered a few of the the best Westworld tributes on Instagram, so you can decide if the community has what it takes to sit on the HBO drama throne.


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Maeve coming unraveled #KHAPopCulturePortraits #maevemillay #westworld #westworldonhbo #thandienewton

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