Watch LED Wings Soar Over an Electronic Music Festival

'WINGS,' from Visuual and AV Exciters, flies over the gyrating crowd at Geneva’s Electron Festival.

by Sami Emory
16 April 2015, 4:45pm

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An airborne sculpture of iridescent LEDs pulses above a crowded concert hall in AV Exciters and Visuual’s co-produced kinetic installation, WINGS. The groups’ audiovisual spectacle blends their projection mapping VJing expertise with a colorful light show powered by Mad Mapper video mapping software, VDMX motor control, and Modul8 video mixing. Above the gyrating crowd at the Pendant Electron Festival in Geneva, the avian installation comes to life, flapping its LED appendages in smooth, rhythmic oscillations.

Watch below as the colorful pulsations of WINGS contrasts a heavy electro-beat with its soothing, soaring sights:

AV Exciters - WINGS // Kinetic Sculpture from AVExciters on Vimeo.

Visit AV Exciters and Visuual for more.


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