[NSFW] Nude Performance Artist Milo Moiré Makes Fine Art Calendars

It's the perfect gift for a friend on the naughty list.

Nov 27 2015, 1:30pm

Peter Palm and Milo Moiré, "The Homely"

This article contains nudity and may be unsuitable for some readers. 

The vaginal egg painting, naked Eiffel Tower selfie taking, Art Basel-crashing streaker, Swiss model and performance artist Milo Moiré has just announced her contribution to your holiday shopping list: a limited edition nude photograph calendar exploring 12 facets of scantily-clad femininity. Working with her partner, photographer Peter Palm, Moiré wields her body through an array of characters called THE TWELVE MUSES, who range from "The Feminist" to "The Adventurer."

Casting herself in each role, Moiré demonstrates the inherent multi-facetedness of every woman, which is meant to defy the very objectification and pigeonholing nude calendars traditionally endorse. "The real challenge is not to only approve all these muses as such, but in addition to it, to blend the different muses within itself and to live them. I believe that in every woman endless muses are hidden," Moiré says.

Like her repeated appearances at Art Basel without a scrap of clothing, Moiré's storming of the calendar world is a challenge to the status quo, and a reminder that all of us are laid bare in the post-privacy digital age.

Peter Palm and Milo Moiré, "The Natural" 

Palm, a fine art photographer, has been taking these pictures since 2005. He collaborated with Moiré on every aspect of the shots. Ideally, this fuses the male and female gazes into a single vision. "We both develop the photo concepts together and inspire each other, thereby our nude photos merge the male and female point of view,“ he says.

With Art Basel coming around next week, there's a chance of spotting Moiré's textile-less form in Miami again this year. If you can't make it, she and Palm have put together a video teasing each character the calendar presents.

Peter Palm and Milo Moiré, "The Adventurer" 

Peter Palm and Milo Moiré, "The Companion" 

Peter Palm and Milo Moiré, "The Narcissist" 

Peter Palm and Milo Moiré, "The Devoted"

Peter Palm and Milo Moiré, "The Seductress"

THE TWELVE MUSES calendar is on sale at Amazon. A limited run of 1,000 calendars signed by Milo Moiré are available. See more of Moiré and Peter Palm's work on their websites.


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