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Seven Things We Learned Watching Win Butler Perform His Own Song at Karaoke

It's OK to be proud of your own achievements, and also sometimes hats are actually fine.

by Lauren O'Neill
19 February 2018, 12:33pm

Image via Wikimedia Commons

So: Indie Rock Internet is eating itself because there's a video of Win Butler performing his own song on karaoke. Yesterday (18 February) the clip of Win giving a rendition of Neon Bible single "Intervention" emerged on an Arcade Fire fan Twitter account, and obviously it is very funny, and pretty much only the sort of thing you can do if you're the guy from Arcade Fire:

I would like to suggest, however, that it is more than just funny. This video is educational. Too often too many of us are too shy about what we have done. I would like us all to watch this video and think about how we, too, can channel a similar level of self-belief. Here are just some of the lessons we learn from the short clip:

1) It's OK – good even – to be proud of your own achievements. Shout yourself out, retweet praise, talk up the things you have done. Be the Win Butler singing his own song on karaoke you want to see in the world.

2) But: don't be a dick about it. Look at how Win just kinds of stands there for the first part like "yeah I am singing my critically acclaimed single ‘Intervention’ actually." He's letting the work speak for itself.

3) Hats. I used to think I was not a hat person. I did not like hats. I thought they were not for me. As Win Butler proves here, there is in fact a hat for everyone. Let that thought guide you today.

4) It is important to be ready to perform at all times. You never know when you may be called on to showcase your skills on the karaoke mic of life.

5) Related: karaoke is the world's greatest art form.

6) Don't take yourself too seriously even if you have won a Grammy.

7) Trying to get a clap going is always a bad idea.

Those are just what I got from it. Maybe you will find your own meaning; maybe you will share mine. This video of Win Butler doing karaoke to his own song is a deep well of truth. Watch it above and find yours. And stop being so scared of hats.

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