Easy Chicken, Avocado, and Fried Egg Sandwich Recipe

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Doesn't matter, just eat this sandwich and forget about life's big questions.

by Meyhem Lauren
11 March 2019, 2:10pm

Photo by Farideh Sadeghin

Servings: 4
Prep time: 15 minutes
Total time: 45 minutes


8 boneless and skinless chicken thighs
3 lemons
3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons grapeseed oil
1 tablespoon poultry seasoning
2 teaspoons paprika
1 1/2 teaspoons cayenne
5 sprigs thyme, leaves picked and chopped, plus 2 whole sprigs
3 sprigs rosemary, leaves picked and finely chopped, plus 1 whole sprig
kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
4 garlic cloves, peeled and smashed
1 jalapeño, stemmed and thinly sliced
1 medium red onion, thinly sliced
2 avocados, halved, pitted, and scooped
4 large eggs
1 pound manchego, grated
1 loaf 7-grain bread, sliced into 8 (½-inch) thick slices


1. Place the chicken in a medium bowl. Squeeze 2 of the lemons over the top and add in 1/4 cup of the oil, the poultry seasoning, paprika, cayenne, the chopped thyme, and the chopped rosemary. Season with salt and pepper and let sit for 10 minutes.

2. Heat 1/4 cup oil in a large cast-iron skillet over medium. Add the sprigs of thyme and rosemary, as well as the garlic. Infuse gently for 3 minutes, then increase the heat to medium-high. Add the chicken and cook, flipping once, until golden, 10 to 12 minutes. Squeeze the remaining lemon over the top and transfer the chicken to a plate. Add in the jalapeño and onion and cook until soft, 2 to 3 minutes. Using a slotted spoon, transfer the onion mixture to the plate with the chicken. Wipe the skillet clean.

3. Heat the remaining 2 tablespoons oil in the skillet and crack in the eggs. Season the eggs with salt and pepper and fry until the whites are set but the yolks are still runny, 3 minutes. Remove the skillet from the heat.

4. Heat the oven to broil. Place the bread on a baking sheet and toast one side until golden, 1 minute. Flip the slices of bread over and sprinkle each piece with some cheese. Broil until the cheese is melted and bubbling, 1 minute more.

5. To assemble your sandwich, top 4 slices of bread with a couple of pieces of chicken and the onions. Top each with a fried egg and half of an avocado. Top with the other slice of bread and serve.

This article originally appeared on Munchies US.

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