Introducing 'Microgapping', the Best Way to Spend Your Free Time

Imagine a gap year without the "year" part – a getaway lasting a few days that you can find right here in the UK.
29 October 2018, 4:17pm

In partnership with GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland.

When life gets too dull or digital, it's time to wipe the data from your tired eyes and escape into the world just outside your window. It's time to microgap.

What is a microgap? It's not the most complicated concept humanity has ever devised; imagine a gap year without the "year" part, a getaway lasting a few days that you can find right here in the UK. A microgap is a chance to switch off and reconnect with the physical world, a less exhausting new way of adding some spontaneity to your life at a time when none of us are rich and we all feel like the world around us is slowly losing its marbles.

Your microgap could involve navigating the cliffs and sea caves of the Cornish coast. It could be spending a weekend in this banging tree house in Northumberland. It could be paragliding on the Isle of Arran or taking in the view from the top of Mount Snowdon. Alternatively, you could clamber through caves in Northern Ireland, learn how to create your own perfume in east London, enjoy a meditative getaway in the heart of the Welsh countryside, or simply bathe your cares away at the UK's original thermal spa. Speed up, slow down; for your muscles, for your mind; give yourself a thrill or give something back. Microgaps come in a zillion different combos. Do what you like.

Whatever the activity, the main thing is that when you're microgapping, you're gleefully smashing your routine to smithereens in the very place you call home, something that tears down a lot of the barriers traditionally associated with gap years and lets you make it up as you go along.

Microgapping is all about adventure, about who and what you'll find along the way – take it from us; we’ve been on thousands of them already, and will be going on plenty more in the months ahead, sharing our microgaps with you in words and in video. The UK is laden with idiosyncratic locales gagging to be discovered, friends ready to be made, new thrills aching to be sought. Life can be hard. Don't let it be boring, too.