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We Sent Big Narstie to Live Out His 'Game of Thrones' Dreams

Welcome to 'Big Narstie's Game of Thrones', complete with a bunch of sex-loving, medieval battle re-enactors.

by Noisey UK Staff
24 August 2017, 11:58am

No one asked for this. No one asked to see Big Narstie head out into the Lincolnshire wilderness to fight (but not fuck) with a bunch of history and sex-crazed fiends and encounter some local slang. But hey: here we are.

Watch on above as the south London MC meets up with a crew called The Knights of Skirbeck, who re-enact medieval war complete with cannons, armour and all the other fancy shit. Along the way, Narstie learns about the bond between the couples and friends who devote their time to layering up in chainmail, tying the right types of bonnets under their chins and building a community in the process. Also includes bonus London round where Narstie gets beaten up by a woman known simply as The Nutcracker – or, in Narstie terms, "Buff Khaleesi".

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