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Here Is a Tuxedoed John Cena Playing a Haunting Cover of "Where Is My Mind?"

No dream is too big.

by Alex Robert Ross
30 October 2017, 9:17am

The internet is abuzz today with rumors of a surprise new release from a major artist. The project, we're told, will "break the internet." Well, friends, I can tell you that the surprise is here and it has exceeded our wildest expectations. At the top of the page is John Cena – a Renaissance man who speaks Mandarin, collaborates with Wiz Khalifa, and acts as America's conscience. He is wearing a tuxedo and playing an instrumental piano cover of Pixies' 1988 single, "Where Is My Mind?" Apparently, it is a celebration – Cena's fiance, Nikki Bella, runs a YouTube page with her sister. The two have just hit 900,000 followers.

But what is important is the lesson – no dream is too big.

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[h/t Spin]