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Pusha-T on Drake Beef: "All Bets Are Off and Everything Is Fair Game"

The 'DAYTONA' rapper called 'The Breakfast Club' shortly after he released "The Story of Adidon."

by Kristin Corry
31 May 2018, 6:30am

Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

It's been less than a week since PUSHA-T released DAYTONA, his highly anticipated followup to 2015's Darkest Before Dawn and he is showing no signs of slowing down. After referencing Drake's use of ghostwriters on DAYTONA's closer "Infared," the slow churning beef between the two rappers is finally coming to a head. Yesterday, PUSHA-T finally responded to Drake's "Duppy Freestyle," with "The Story of Adidon," in which he accused Drake of being an absent father, took shots at his biracial identity, and even brought up his parents Dennis and Sandi Graham. This morning, King Push called into The Breakfast Club to set the record straight about his response.

The line that crossed the line for PUSHA-T, was the reference about his soon-to-be wife, Virginia Williams. "All bets are off because of that," he said on The Breakfast Club. "That alone causes all bets to be off. Everything else is fair game."

In the interview, the Virginia rapper even shared details on how he found the cover art, which was an old photo of Drake in blackface donning a Jim Crow shirt. "The picture is from a photographer named David Leyes... I guess Drake took those pictures a little while ago. They said it was his idea and something he wanted to do."

The heart of "The Story of Adidon" are the allegations that Drake has been keeping it under wraps that he has a child. "The Adidas situation is this... Allegedly, his new line on Adidas is called Adidon, which is named after Adonis, his son," Push said. "We couldn't know about your child until you started selling sweatsuits and sneakers?"

This beef is certainly becoming more interesting with every record that is dropped. By the sinister laugh at the end of "The Story of Adidon," and Push saying this is only "Volume 1" it seems like it's going to be a long, cruel summer.

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