Stream Year of the Cobra's Debut '...In the Shadows Below'

The Seattle doom duo is here to lead you to another realm.

by Ben Handelman
28 October 2016, 8:14am

Since forming early last year, Seattle doom duo Year of the Cobra has made a serious impact. What initially began as a jam between two friends anticipating the company of others quickly became something too special to alter. Feeding off each other's energy, the two create something that simply feels bigger and livelier than one would expect. It's little surprise that in less than two years, the band is following up an initial EP with a debut full-length, …In the Shadows Below. Many bands struggle to bring something so full to fruition in such a brief time, which makes the confidence and competence of this record so impressive.

The sprawling opener "Lion and the Unicorn" offers a sense of fleeting joy. Drummer Jon Barrysmith is tasteful and precise with his fills and vocalist/bassist Amy Tung's bass undulates and flows with a sort of groove that is often missing from doom metal. The overall bluesy impact of these components does little to take away from the sincerity and weight of Year of the Cobra's sound. Tung's haunting vocals seem to phase in and out of another realm. But don't worry—the band's claim to be fueled by a mixture of "whiskey, beer, and Black Sabbath" is not forgotten as there's more than enough on this album to incite drunken revelry of the grooviest nature, just listen to catchy, raucous songs like "Temple of Apollo" and "The Siege."

While …In the Shadows Below is prepared for release on STB Record​ tomorrow, October 28, (order yours here​) and you can get pumped for the album a day early with the full stream below.

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